Tuesday 9 April 2013

Manning Bird Blitz/Speaking Engagement

I am very pleased to have been invited to speak and present "Birding in the Lower Mainland and Beyond" at the 2013 Manning Bird Blitz. I have already presented the show at a number of Fraser Valley Regional libraries so depending on my audience (more photographers than birders or visa versa) I may tweak it a little. I also hope to include some of my images from my first ever birding trip to the Okanagan Valley.
Although I have hiked Manning Park quite extensively I have only birded the area a few times and so far with very little success. That said I am eager to take advantage of the expert group leaders and enjoy the whole weekend to the fullest. I hope to see you there.
Gray Jay (Perisoreus canadensis) Rocky Mountains

Two of three sub species of Gray jay (Pemberton)

Note: Being reasonably new to birding please correct me if I have got the above identifications completely wrong. I know the second bird was photographed near Pemberton and the other in the Canadian Rockies. Both shot on Kodachrome 64 ISO, the standard film speed back in the Eighties. Today, birders can with certain cameras shoot 1600-3200 ISO which has made bird photography, bird recording and identification much easier, less expensive and above all... more fun!.

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Manning Bird Blitz/Speaking Engagement

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