Friday 24 January 2020

Feeding Winter Birds

Nice to have one of my pictures (not this one) used to promote the well being of our feathered friends during the recent cold snap.
I can't see the point of having thousands of files sit on a hard drive hidden from view so here are a few January winter birds from winters past.

Varied Thrush
Queens's Park
New Westminster

To see the Varied Thrush shot from Green Timbers and tips on winter bird feeding click on the link below.

Some January birds from winter's past.
Evening Grosbeak

There were 200 Evening Grosbeak feeding on the roadside.

Common Redpoll
Mill Lake

Brydon Lagoon

Tsawasssen Ferry Terminal

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John Gordon
BC Canada

Flickr Users Might Want to Read This

Flickr is losing money and will be raising pro subscriptions. 
Maybe it's time to find an alternate back-up for your files. I have used the service myself but no longer do after all my files were "Lost" and I couldn't get hold of a representative. I started to reload but frankly it was so disheartening I finally stopped posting. 

The price increase went into effect yesterday, on Tuesday, January 21. Existing Pro customers are given the option of immediately renewing their plan at the lower price using a link in the notification email sent to users. In explaining why it decided to increase the price, Flickr points toward MacAskill's December letter and states that the company 'cannot continue to operate at a loss.'

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John Gordon
Langley Cloverdale

Thursday 23 January 2020

Counting Crows in South Langley

Counting Crows 2020/01/22

South Aldergove B.C.

Several members of the Langley Field Naturalists (LFN) have taken it upon themselves to make a count of North-western Crows roosting in South Aldergrove British Columbia. This short video from the first of four counts attempts to give a sense of the spectacle that unfolds every night at different locations throughout the Lower Mainland. Four groups of birders staged at different locations to try and gather the number of birds arriving from various directions. An estimated thirty-thousand birds were counted although we will have a better idea when all four counts have been completed.