Tuesday 15 January 2013

Red-flanked Bluetail MANIA!

Jan 15th 2013 Queen's Park, New Westminster, British Columbia.
The  B.C. Canadian and West Coast birding community was buzzing with excitement over the past three days of the first ever sighting of a Red-flanked Bluetail in British Columbia and Canada.

Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus)

Foraging under cedar trees.

The bird has drawn twitchers from various parts of Washington State as well as birders from around the province. At one point sixty people with binoculars and cameras were observing the bird.

An excellent detailed account of how and who located the bird can be found below. 


Note: After I left Queen's Park I decided to visited Green Timbers in Surrey. I found some excellent birding and stunning scenery. The trees were laden with snow and the pond was frozen except a small part kept open by Mallards. Varied thrushes were feeding on the ice (on what I am not sure) and Ruby crowned kinglets were in abundance.  I'll post those images later tonight when I catch my breath.

Vancouver Sun link to Larry Pynn's story

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  1. Fantastics shots! You should be on the cover of the Audubon Society!