Tuesday 16 April 2013

Iona Flight Shots

Iona Regional Park, Richmond, B.C. April 15th 2013 Sunny.
Birding can be unpredictable so when an Osprey that had been feeding at the ponds didn't show a walk along the riparian areas of the park in order. That produced two things, some much needed exercise and sixteen species of birds, the most interesting were three Caspian terns what were flying high above the ponds. With the original plan dashed, I then decided to practice my flight photography of whatever birds could be found.
Tree Swallow (Iridoprocne bicolor)
The most obvious were the tree swallows who are busily populating the many nest boxes that have been put up by volunteers. After trying for a while to captures the swallows catching insects it became evident that the best bet was to try and photograph the birds as they swooped toward their nest boxes. The Northern shoveler was taken while I was taking photographs of a Marsh wren building a nest and the Gadwall got spooked by another photographer just as it was approaching me.
Gadwall (Anas strepera)

Northern Shoveler (Anus clypeata)

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  1. John, spectacular! Especially the Swallow! They are so quick!