Tuesday 17 April 2012

Elgin Park

Red-winged blackbird
American goldfinch
A small of flock of Black-bellied plover accompanied by a dozen Dunlin with both species showing striking breeding plumage feeding on the mudflats . Four lesser yellowlegs. A par of Gadwall on the inner pond. A pair of American goldfinch. A large flock of Pine siskin. Numerous Green-winged teal and Rufous hummingbirds.. A pair of House finch plus many of the usual suspects, too many and too late to list here.
Across the water at Mud Bay, a Savannah sparrow and numerous Greater yellowlegs sheltering from the cold wind. A pair of Mule deer were also feeding in the march and then on the beach.

This Mule Deer walked right in front of the camera before noticing me.

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