Thursday 5 April 2012

Yellow-rumped warbler (the first signs of spring)

Iona Regional Park, Vancouver
Despite the sun, the wind was fierce, cold enough to still be wearing the same layers of clothing that I had worn to photograph Snowy owls in Dec !!! However, the trees and bushes were now alive with new arrivals, most notably the colorful yellow-rumped warbler, a sure sign that spring had arrived. It was a great day out with hardly anyone around.
Species noted observed.
Ring-necked, mallard and canvasback ducks, American coot, red-winged blackbird, rufous hummingbird, northwestern crow, yellow-rumped warbler, ruby-crowned and golden crowned kinglet and marsh wren. No yellow-headed blackbirds so far. A seasoned birder was on the lookout for an Osprey and another birder had seen an Anna's hummingbird and mountain bluebirds.
Here are some of the better blog shots from my walk.
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Golden-crowned kinglet

Marsh wren

Rufous hummingbird (male)

Yellow-rumped warbler

Ruby-crowned kinglet

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