Sunday 19 February 2012

Self-publishing notes

The the cover of my first book Langley Familiar Places : Familiar Scenes. Much of the success was due to the fact I was able to photograph, produce (with the expertise of designer Carol Addy) market and deliver to bookstores and do all the publicity. That included book signings, interviews with local press, attend photo clubs, craft shows and fundraisers. It did mean a more than a fewsixteen hour
 days but it did allow me the freedom and finances to produce a second book "The Langleys" which in turn has sold 2600 copies and is still selling.

Copies of these books are available for $20 each at Black Bond Books and Coles in Langley. Also at Wendell's Book store in Fort Langley and from The Tourism Langley office or contact me directly at

 3000 copies sold

                    Visit my website and go to the links page to view all the workshop notes. Good luck with your book project.

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