Tuesday 28 February 2012

Sandhill Cranes/Reifel

Feb 27th 2012 9 a.m-1p.m  Cool, Sunny, Frosty and partially frozen ponds.
Twenty three species noted during a morning walk at the George C. Reifel Migratory bird Sanctuary in Delta. This image of two Sandhill Cranes drinking was taken to convey the birds in their natural surroundings while searching for food. They had stooped down to drink from a break in the ice which is something I hadn't photographed before.

Note: These birds are year round residents at the refuge. Last year they raised one chick.

George C.Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Finding fresh water when the ponds are frozen can be challenging. The cranes  feed on amphibians and voles.

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