Wednesday 22 February 2012

American dippers on the Allouette River/Maple Ridge

Maple Ride Park; South Allouette River
The South Allouette River was running higher than in recent weeks so the steelheaders were out trying their luck, hoping a few fresh fish had made their way upstream from the Fraser. Shafts of sun streamed across the river warming the moss covered trees and a partially frozen photographer whose patience was being tested by errant dog owners allowing their muts to run off leash.
Unfortunately, after stalking a flock of varied thrush for an hour, the two fishermen who I had met earlier inadvertently spooked the birds so high up into the trees I gave up trying to get a decent shot. The same three birds have been feeding in the exact same spot since before Christmas so i'll try again. If I persevere long enough I know i'll eventually get a good shot. I then moved a few yards upstream to my favourite spot for the dippers, it's right next to the public path so the birds are accustomed to humans. Soon, not one but four different dippers arrived on a snagged log. Singing and chattering to each other it looked like they had already paired up for the season, unless of course the male American dippers have harems! Anyway, this picture shows one of the birds with nesting material. Eggs will laid very soon and i'll be back to see if there are any young.
American dipper collects nesting material. D300s 1/250 F8 ISO 320

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  1. Nice work.I like the dippers myself.I will be following your adventures in future.