Friday 24 January 2020

Flickr Users Might Want to Read This

Flickr is losing money and will be raising pro subscriptions. 
Maybe it's time to find an alternate back-up for your files. I have used the service myself but no longer do after all my files were "Lost" and I couldn't get hold of a representative. I started to reload but frankly it was so disheartening I finally stopped posting. 

The price increase went into effect yesterday, on Tuesday, January 21. Existing Pro customers are given the option of immediately renewing their plan at the lower price using a link in the notification email sent to users. In explaining why it decided to increase the price, Flickr points toward MacAskill's December letter and states that the company 'cannot continue to operate at a loss.'

"It's never to late to like, like, like"

John Gordon
Langley Cloverdale

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