Sunday 15 April 2018

Chiacca andò Xpujil (Mexico Part 4)

Cont: Chiacca andò Xpujil (Mexico Part 4)

We checked-in at an eco-village at Chicanna, by Xpujil. The hotel grounds had a Mottled Owl vocalizing at night, and included a viewing tower, which provided surprisingly good birding. 12 Plain Chachalaca made plenty of noise. Jays were represented by 5 Brown, 5 Yucatan, and 2 Green. 4 Purple Martin were overhead. 4 Yellow-winged Tanager flitted in the canopy. A Blue Grosbeak looked superb in the scope. 4 oriole sp. added to the colour, and other goodies included 5 Olive-throated Parakeet (Aztec), 3 Collared Aracari, 2 Keel-billed Toucan, and a Black-headed Trogon.

Plain Chachalaca
I think this is an immature Black-cowled Oriole.

Black-cowled Oriole.

Blue Bunting.

Star of the show for myself was a stunning male Blue Bunting! This was feeding by the hotel entrance and provided excellent photo ops. John Gordon kept pressing the zoom on his camera, and the detail was mindblowing! What a beauty!

Above and below)
Collared Aracari.

This image was taken early in the morning under tricky lighting. 

We crossed the main road to visit the ruins @ Chicanna, a very tranquil spot. 3 Green-backed Sparrow fed by the roadside, and 2 Yucatan Woodpecker were active. A Crane Hawk went low over the scrub. A Mangrove Vireo was a nice addition. 2 Grey-throated Chat made the list. We added some saltators, with 3 Greyish, and a Black-headed. Other goodies were a Hooded Warbler, and 3 Yellow-throated Euphonia.

Crimson-patched Long-wing

Green Jay.

Hooded Warbler

We admired the Mayan construction techniques, and tried to picture the site as it might have been.

To be cont:

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  1. I love Plain Chacalacas! seen them in texas. I am trying to get Ilya to go with me to Mexico I went with my dad and loved it