Friday 5 June 2015

Oak Hammock Marsh "Little Big Year" Part 12

May 24 Oak Hammock Marsh MBO10 Manitoba Sunny and warm 16c

Even though the marsh was alive with birds I only had a few minutes before sunset to shoot. Just at that moment a pair of Black-crowned night Herons flew overhead and behind me an American Bittern landed in the bullrushes. There wasn't enough good light to photograph birds but as a bonus an amazing prairie sunset was about to slip below the horizon. 

Purple Martin at sunset.


Almost gone.

Next morning and later than I would have liked I re-visited Oak Hammock Marsh. This was my last taste of Manitoba's amazing birding before leaving for my four day trek across Ontario. Both Purple Martin and Black Tern are hard to photograph in the sun as their bodies and faces are very dark. The light and exposure have to be just right. The Purple Martin was taken at sunset at the martin house and the terns in mid-morning, catching insects and fish over the marsh.

Black Terns nesting on flattened bullrushes

Some Black Terns are lighter than others. I think is a first summer bird.

Adult Black Tern with catch.
I left Oak Hammock with the promise to return on my way back through Winnipeg. Charlie and Ray may still have more tricks up their collective sleeves like the Least Bittern and who knows what else. .....and I still haven't photographed that Ruby-throated Hummingbird! Can't wait.

"It's never too late to start birding"

John Gordon
BC Canada

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  1. Black terns are so hard to photograph the ones at beaver ranch flats are like little specs in the distance lol well done