Tuesday 20 January 2015

A Few Hours at Boundary Bay

Jan 19 2014 72nd Ave Boundary Bay Sunny 11c

I spent the morning and early afternoon conducting a one on one photography course in White Rock. It was gratifying to see someone find their creative side and begin to explore the possibilities that digital photography can offer. 
There were still a few hours of daylight left so I headed down to nearby 72nd Ave to see the Golden Eagle. I needed it for my year list which now stands at 81 species for 2015. To keep things simple I'm only counting birds within Canada. I've even acquired a scope which I put into good use yesterday to get close up views of the Golden Eagle at sunset. I've even started scoping flock of gulls, slowly but surely I have been completely sucked into the birding bug!
Watching such a magnificent bird through a quality scope was magical. Free of the restraints of camera and lens, the experience was quite different from what I am used to. I could study the golden nape, the intricate feathers, and chattering call, the sheer power and mystical quality of the bird was jaw dropping. I tried unsuccessfully to digicope, looking at the results i'll need a lot, lot more practice.
Red-tailed Hawk 
Meanwhile while waiting for the 'Sweet Light' this light phase Red-tailed Hawk flew reasonably close. I took my Tamron 150mm-600mm so I could handhold and give my tennis elbow injury a rest. My doctor told me not to carry a big lens and tripod for six more weeks. Who would have thought i'd get injured photographing birds!
Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)

This looks like a second year bird as it flies into a favoured perch, a Lombardi Popular tree. It spends its day hunting ducks, harassing Bald Eagles and delighting scores of photographers who if they stay any longer will have to change their postal code.

Yarrow and sunset.
The sun sets over the horizon after another perfect day in paradise.

"It's never too late to start birding"

John Gordon

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  1. The Golden Eagle is such a magnificent bird.

    Birding is addictive isn't it?! Once it has you in its clutches it never let's go ;-)

    Great job on the Goldie!