Wednesday 13 November 2013

Great Egret: The One That Almost Got Away

Oct 21 2013 Grant Narrows, Pitt River Maple Ridge B.C.
I had been so busy shooting an ad campaign for Parks Canada and Coast Cranberries that I forgot to post this very long distance image of the Great Egret. On the subject of birds I also photographed John Cleese at the Vancouver Club, he never mentioned anything about parrots, dead or resting! He did however manage to insult everyone in the room especially the lawyers and accountants who had paid mega dollars to hear him.
Anyway back to the Egret. When it turned up at nearby Grant Narrows a few weeks it was too tempting not to go and see it. Finding time and some blues skies was the biggest hurdle.
There it was, hundreds of metres out feeding on fish or perhaps frogs. Great blue Herons out numbered the great white bird ten to one. If only it would fly closer in, eventually it did but not before the sun rose and without enough shutter speed all I had managed were a series fuzzy pics, destined for the delete button. This shot was taken as soon as the sun came out and before too many dog walkers frightened the bird off. I have seen some excellent shots (which this isn't) from other photographers and I salute their dedication and skill as well as a little luck that played a part in their success. Here is my token contribution, an ID shot but cool bird anyway.
Great Egret (Ardea alba)

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