Thursday 14 March 2013

Delta Photo Inspirations 2013 Bird Talk

I am honored to have been invited to speak at the upcoming Delta Photo Inspirations seminar April 26/27 2013.
For the last two years and after 27 years as a community newspaper  photographer I decided to change direction and devote much of my time to learning the art of bird photography. Until two years ago I had photographed just 30 species but since 2011 I have added another 200, mostly from British Columbia and the vast majority in the Lower Mainland.
Not only does one have to master camera technique but an understanding of bird behavior is equally important in capturing that elusive image.
This diminutive House Wren was photographed in a very low light situation. I used a Nikon SU 800 wireless transmitter and a SB 800 flash of camera on TTL -1 stop to illuminate the bird, this technique picked up just enough ambient light to make the image pleasing to the eye. Without flash his image would not have been possible.

                                    Please join me for a "Total Birding" experience 

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