Friday 11 January 2013


Jan 10 2013 Vancouver B.C
Cold, sunny and partial cloud.
I really like the word Bramble. Me thinks it would be a good name for a folk-rock band, The Brambles!
So when I heard that a Bramble had been seen at a backyard feeder in Vancouver I decided to go and investigate.  It would be my fist sighting of a rare Eurasian visitor. This image is the result of a mornings shoot before leaving to photograph the White-winged crossbills at Burnaby Lake. I think with a little more effort a more satisfying shot should be possible but for the moment this is a really nice reminder of that cold morning.
Brambling (fringilla montifringilla)
A very rare visitor from Eurasia Brambling have also been recently observed in the Okanagan. Perhaps blown off course by the same storm. This bird was feeding in the company of Song sparrows, Golden-crowned sparrows, House finches, European house finches and Anna's hummingbirds.

The brambling cracks a sunflower seed

The Brambling, which fed mainly on the ground is a wary bird. It could be difficult to spot among all the house sparrows and only occasionally stood still in the open.
A big thanks to the landowner who put up with all us birders!

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