Sunday 13 January 2013

Boundary Bay Berry Bonanza

Jan 12 2012 Boundary Bay 72nd Ave, Delta B.C.
Sunny and Cold
Talking to other birders it is clear that Boundary Bay is regarded as one of Canada's premier birding hotspots in Canada. Simply, there are birds everywhere!
My first shots of the day were taken within site of the parking lot. In an an joining field a Short-eared owl is being harassed by a Northern harrier. A few yards further along a flock of Purple finch feed on winter berries, picking out the seeds from the pulpy outer portion. On a tall electrical tower a Peregrine falcon launches itself in search of prey.
Close-by another solitary Short-eared owl put on a show for everyone including the many children who had been brought to the dyke to see the Snowy owls. Eventually the short-eared owl landed close enough to take head shots. Many didn't notice the long-eared owl which came out to hunt just as the sun kissed the horizon. To find three owls in a such a small area is quite remarkable!
In a few short hours and without too much effort and expense these images were captured, closing out another picture perfect day on the West Coast.
See next blog for Short-eared owls photographed the same day.
Female Purple finch (Carpodacus purpureus)

Male Purple finch

A Purple finch extracts a sed from a berry

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