Monday 2 July 2012

2012 B.C. Bird Atlassing /Chaunigan Lake Part 1

Despite the ten hour drive to get to Chaunigan Lake, the lack of electricity and running water and scary biffy, the week long expedition was a great success. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed the mosquitos...........just kidding!

"Rustic" cabins at Chaunigan Lake.

A view from my bunk. Waking up to a million $$$$ view which we shared with the little critter below!

Caught in the act. A guilty looking Deer mouse checks out our food cache
June 23-30 2012
Following is a edited selection of my photographs from the week long 2012 British Columbia Bird Atlassing Count in the Chilcotins area of B.C.
Participants included trip organizer Gareth Pugh, fellow naturalists/birders Wim Vesseur, Leona Breckenridge, Bob Puls, Viveka Ohman, Ian Robertson and myself. The count area included parts of the Nemaiah Valley, Chaunigan, Elkin and Vedan Lakes and adjacent areas. The final count is not finalized but at least one hundred species were identified either by photograph,song or by visual means.
Full results from the count will be available soon on the website below. For more information about the British Columbia Bird Breeding Atlas follow the link below:

British Columbia Bird Breeding Atlas

More images can be seen at
Spruce Grouse Chaunigan Lake, B.C.


Empidonax flycatcher but which one!

Bonaparte's gull One year old/non breeding with rainbow trout catch

Bonaparte's gull/breeding adult/Chaunigan Lake

Caspian tern/Chaunigan Lake

Downy woodpecker/Vedan Lake.

Red-naped sapsucker/Vedan Lake area.

Female Barrow's goldeneye/Chaunigan Lake.

Savannah sparrow.

A Lincoln sparrow balances on one foot

Pine siskin.     

White-crowned sparrow takes insects to the nest

This fearless coyote had just been shoreline nest hunting when we spooted him.

Common loons fishing Chaunigan Lake.

An American robin is drenched in spray while feeding along the shoreline of Chaunigan Lake.

American kestrel/Big Creek.

A Bald eagle soars along the Chaunigan Lake shoreline.

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  1. Hi John, great pictures of the birds and a great coyote pictures of your Atlasing Trip. I heard about the cabins and it was great to see them, Yes they do look rustic that's for sure but you know that how some of us grew up. Any more Atlasing pictures for a slide show for us and all the Naturalist Clubs. Anne