Sunday 10 June 2012

Western Road Trip Part 6 (Another "Lifer" Redhead duck plus some Wilson's)

My very first and only ever sighting of a Redhead duck was this small flock flying near Val Marie (IBA) Craven, Saskatchewan. Slightly fortuitous as I was photographing Forster's terns diving for fish and happened to look up and there they were just in range for a half decent shot. I think this may make a nice print, we'll see. The area is usually spayed for mosquitos so the bird life has dropped off in the past few years. This year there was no spraying and the warblers, flycatchers and others insect feeding birds are back in force.

Earlier in the day in a waterlogged ditch I came across a Wilson's snipe as well a pair of Wilson's phalarope. Although close to an IBA they choose to forage in puddles and ditches.
Wilson'd phalarope

Wilson's phalarope

Wilson's snipe

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