Tuesday 3 November 2020

Bird Watching During a Pandemic


A few weeks ago Black Press contacted me about an article they were putting together about birding for seniors. Birding has seen a huge spike in popularity in recent years among all age groups but particularly seniors. Despite the current situation with Covid-19 many groups and clubs are still offering opportunities for seniors and others to get out in a responsible manner. One example is the Langley Field Naturalists, other groups are also offering walks that follow strict social distancing and health protocols. We have had numerous walks around the Lower Mainland and we even have some new faces attending. I've met many who are despondent and are having a tough time with the isolation. To those I  I urge you to get out on your own, with your family unit or in a safe group and take walk in the forest, listen to the birds, take a very deep breath, relax and try to put everything into perspective. Nature is perfect and it will see us all  through these uncertain times.

*Note: Since the article was published just a few weeks ago cases of Covid-19 have begun to rise and the health authorities are asking everything to take even more precautions. Please keep this in mind when you read the article.

Follow the link below to read the whole story. 

John with Canada Jay/Photo Carlo Giovanella

Link to Birdwatching during a Pandemic

                                                              Birding for Seniors/Covid19


   Langley Field Naturalists

"Its never too late to get out birding"

John Gordon


BC Canada


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