Monday 15 June 2020

Changing the Way I Photograph

Changing the way I photograph or how I became a Cotton Carrier fan

I've always enjoyed photography. Back in the day I even made a good living from it. Apart from a few days here and there I have been making and creating images for fifty years.
 Bird photography is by far the most challenging yet most enjoyable I have ever tackled. 
Photographing a tree creeper or a warbler flitting from branch to branch demands somewhat the same skillset as photographing Wayne Gretzky flipping a puck past Richard Brodeur or David Beckham scoring a goal. I should know, I've done both.
Often I would use 300mm F2.8 or 500mm F4 lenses. I would carry one or the other around all day. On numerous occasions even walking out to the end of the Iona south jetty and back. 
During my press days (1983-2011) I can't remember how many times I visited the chiropractor with sore shoulders and stiff neck. Finding a perfect way to carry gear was a never ending quest.  

A long lens was useful to get this shot at the PNE.
Afterwards I got to meet the Dalai Lama shake his hand and exchange a few words. 

Even so, carrying one of the new lightweight 200mm-600mm super zooms and camera attached has a combined weight of 8.5 lbs which can weigh heavy on the shoulders. So after years of trying various carrying systems I have now found the perfect solution, namely the Cotton Carrier system. 

 I recently tumbled over a rock and landed awkwardly. While I and my camera came out of the situation unscathed my Cotton Carrier suffered from the impact. It was a freak accident with the vest taking the brunt of the fall. These things happen and I suppose the designers made the vest to carry a lens and not to break the fall of a doddering senior.
I continued to bird but I missed the vest. I lasted a week before contacting Cotton explaining what had happened and asked it they could repair the damage. After sending some pix I received an email from Brook Parker at Cotton's Vancouver headquarters explaining they would replace the harness free of charge. I was gobsmacked. As much as I offered to pay for postage and repairs and even an upgrade I became clear they weren't going to have any of it. A few days later I received a brand new vest in the mail. That's what I call amazing customer service. Talk to anyone you see wearing one, I'm sure they'll all agree that it has changed the way they bird, it sure has for me.

Khutzeymateen Grizzly bears play fight.

The ability to bird, cover long distance and be ready to catch a fleeting moment has changed the way I photograph. I am having more fun, getting better results and photographing way more birds than I ever did lugging around a tripod and super-telephoto lens. I can now keep up with birders on organized hikes, better still, I don't mss a beat when I go abroad and I take exactly the same set-up that I use when birding around Vancouver. It's a win win situation.
That said, the Cotton Carrier system can be used to carry large prime lenses although most photographers would need a tripod for best results. Attachments are also available to attach multiple cameras, tripods and bins. 
In conclusion, go forth, don't take life too seriously and enjoy your photography. I am.

A bed of flowers or a Flower Bed

John Gordon

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  1. Wonderful photography and very beautiful pictures. The pic of the grizzly bears is very nice. I'd love to see one! And wow, you seen to have met a lot of famous people in your career. Greetings!