Tuesday 3 March 2020

Brydon Lagoon/Less is More

The Garden Wild
or whatever that means

When your patch comes under the scrutiny of planners the knee jerk reaction is to question where, what, when, and why and how. 
Dear Friends of Brydon Lagoon, especially those who can attend might want to raise objections (or not) to the idea of an observation deck in the middle of the pond (goodbye mergansers and buffleheads) as well as children's playground (goodbye birdsong)
 Personally I think things are just fine at the lagoon and the best thing is to do little more than leave it to the birds, beavers, coyotes and deer.

Please forward this link 
to anyone who may be interested and if you can attend the meeting (see below) make your thoughts known.

An excerpt from the Langley Advance News

"Next Wednesday, March 4th, Langley City residents will have another opportunity to shape the future development of the Nicomekl River District.

Scheduled to run from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Nicomekl School multi-purpose room, at 20050 53rd Ave., the event will see City staff present a “draft concept” of a plan that would create a four-zone district along both sides of the Nicomekl River corridor between 196th Street and 208th Street.

Zones would include the “Garden Wild” on the western end, which would see the area around Brydon Lagoon kept as natural as possible, the “Living Room” for residential development, the “Library,” where educational and interpretive programs would operate, and the “Front Porch,” on the eastern end, which would aim to encourage use of the corridor trails and other amenities"

"Less is More"
John Gordon
BC Canada

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