Monday 21 January 2019

Super Wolf Blood Moon

Jan 20 2019 
My Front Yard

Super Wolf Blood Moon

I used the Nikon P1000 Nikon Coolpix 24mm-3000mm which I normally use for travel scenics and bird photography. I used approx 2000mm focal length, the long end of the zoom cropped off part of the moon. I used a tripod and the built in timer to minimize camera movement.
I photographed from my front yard which was fully illuminated by vapour street lights, in the end it didn't seem to make too much difference. I used a tripod and the 'Moon' mode on the camera. The camera also has a "Bird' mode which I use extensively but that's another story. Focus was a bit fiddly to use especially during the umbral.
I hadn't planned to photograph this rare phenomena until I saw the full moon come over my neighbours roof. I quickly grabbed a winter coat and torque and moved into action. A few of my neighbours also came out to watch the sight. Next I paused the Liverpool v Crystal Palace game which I had recorded on the PVR. Liverpool won 4-2, one of the best games of the year. I digress.

The eclipse began at 6.36 p.m while the umbral started at 7.33p.m The total eclipse lasted from 8.41p.m until 9.43 p.m The umbral ended at 10.50p.m and eclipse ended at 11.48p.mSource: Nasa


The eclipse lasted 62 minutes. The next super blood wolf moon will be Jan 31 2037.
A few stars can be seen as specks of light. 

"It's never too late to leave the comfy chair"
John Gordon
BC Canada

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