Wednesday 9 May 2018

A New Birding Location

 Blakeburn Lagoons Park

Port Coquitlam BC 

May 9/2018

It's not that often that the politicians get something right but that is exactly the case with the Lower Mainland's newest birding location. Originally a de-commissioned water treatment Blakeburn Lagoons could have easily been turned into yet another subdivision. Thankfully a decision about the future of the site went to a vote and the citizens of Port Coquitlam voted with their tax dollars to have a beautiful nature park instead. 
I paid my first visit today and despite it only being opened a few weeks I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a good number of birds. There have been plantings of native flora and eventually as the site matures it will become a superb birding location.

Here are some of the birds from my visit. I actually spent an hour there in the morning and returned later in the afternoon when news of three Solitary Sandpipers broke. I include a distant grainy shot as the SOSA was my target year bird.

Wilson's Warbler

Least Sandpiper

A very distant and heavily cropped Solitary Sandpiper. (SOSA)

Northern rough-winged Swallow

Cinnamon Teal

There you go, the nature park has a wide variety of birds not only in the two lagoons but also along side the golf course where the mature tress were bopping with warblers and a nesting pair of Northern Flickers. Thankfully planners had the wisdom to keep the older nursery trees for cavity nesters and for that and the overall project I applaud everyone involved. If you are a Port Coquitlam taxpayer drop city hall a letter of congratulations, they deserve it.

"It's never too late to discover new birding locations"
John Gordon
BC Canada


  1. Hi John,
    I fully agree with your assessment of Blakeburn Lagoons but it's in Port Coquitlam, not Coquitlam. So, the PoCo politicians are the ones who get the credit for this.

  2. Thanks for pointing out my typo, I suppose I was so exited to bird a new location I got carried away. I have changed the error and thanks for bringing it to my attention.