Thursday 1 June 2017

Langley Bird Brochure Published

Langley Field Naturalists bird brochure takes flight

Brochure features 54 birds that can be viewed in Langley, from owls to American Goldfinches
           Langley Times
        by Monique Tamminga
       All photos John Gordon

After lots of hard work, the Langley Field Naturalists are ready to launch a brand new bird brochure. The colourful brochure features images of 54 birds that can be viewed in our local surroundings.
From robins, owls and chickadees to hummingbirds and the American goldfinch, B.C. has many fine-feathered friends to see.
“It’s really exciting because the brochure features birds that you can find right here in Langley,” said LFN member Lilianne Fuller.
“We are putting the brochures in local schools first. 
“Why not start kids off early?

Nashville Warbler (Brydon Lagoon)

“Birding gets them outside in nature and becoming more aware of their surroundings. Birding can happen in nature and even from an apartment balcony.”
The brochure was made possible because of grants received from BC Nature, the BC Naturalists Foundation, the City of Langley and VanCity.
Though the brochure is appropriate for every age and expertise in birding, the club is focusing its efforts on Langley’s youth.
Because one of the grants was from the City of Langley, the Langley Field Naturalists are making the brochures available to Langley City’s elementary schools first

“Many young people are using every technological device available to further their understanding of birds.
“Many … are following through to university and studying the natural sciences,” said LFN member John Gordon, an avid birder and retired photojournalist whose blog can be found at
“I know several such young people; they never cease to amaze us. 
“They will be the guardians of the legacy left by those who fought so hard to preserve what’s left of natural spaces in the Lower Mainland. 
“Birding is a gateway hobby to a lifetime of learning, so if groups like the LFN can, through their Young Naturalists program, encourage youngsters to enjoy the outdoors, then that’s all good.”

                                Isabelle and Caroline Kovacs check out the new Langley bird guide.                        John Gordon Photo
As Gordon notes, “Birds are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. 
“When we see a 70 per cent decline in some species we also see a decline in insects like bees … that affects all of us.”
Birding is an ever increasingly popular hobby for all ages.
Many from LFN contributed photographs to the brochure, said Gordon.
In addition to distributing the brochure to schools, they will be made available at local libraries, recreation centres and at local community events. 
To request copies of the brochure, contact the club by email at or contact Lilianne Fuller at 604-533-0638.
Orange-crowned Warbler (Brydon Lagoon)
I have added my photos from Brydon Lagoon and trail system as the Langley Times just didn't have the space.

"It's never too late to start birding"
John Gordon
BC Canada

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