Wednesday 10 February 2016

Family Day Birding

Feb 9 2016 Blackie Spit Sunny
Monday was family Day in British Columbia. I turned out to be a glorious warm and sunny day. I took the opportunity to visit nearby Blackie Spit. The place was packed with families out enjoying the scenery and the long weekend. There were a fair number of dogs splashing away in the roped off dog paddle area. Despite the hundreds of people milling around there were still a few birds along the shoreline. I packed my Nikon P900 24mm-2000mm point and shoot just in case I found something interesting.

Black Oystercatcher
Handheld at 2000mm

Also spotted were three Marbled Godwit, a Long-billed Curlew, a pair of Black Oystercatchers, Eurasian and American Wigeon, Western Sandpipers, Dunlin, Common Loon, Green-winged Teal, Northern Pintail, Mallard, Bald Eagle, and Ring-billed Gull.

"It never too late to start birding"
John Gordon
BC Canada

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