Friday 31 August 2012

Black Turnstone "Another Lifer" and others

Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary was very quiet, a few Wilson's phalarope, two Long-billed dowitchers, Green-winged teal but not much else in the ponds. The firs and alders however were crawling with red-breasted nuthatches, yellow and orange crowned warblers (see below) black-capped and chestnut-backed chickadees searching for insects. The spotted-towhees were and are still looking a bit ragged as were a few of the other small song birds.
This Orange-crowned warbler visited the backyard to drink at the pond.

I then left for the ferry terminal at Tsawwassen to explore the area close to the pilings at the very end of the breakwater. Despite the sun being too strong for effective photography I decided to go ahead anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained... Eh!
Within minutes I spotted a flock of about twenty five Black turnstones feeding along the edge of the shoreline. The flock appeared to have a number of juveniles and were quite approachable. It took about forty-five minutes for them to make their way alone the rocky headland toward me. Eventually they came within twenty feet but with  the sun casting so many shadows and causing the seaweed covered rock to throw back specular highlights decent shots were a challenge. Anyway, here are a few shots which are OK, needless to say i'll be going back when the light is softer.
Black Turnstone

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