Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Change of Seasons

March 24 2017

Birding in the Lower Mainland around the first days of spring can be a most rewarding experience. Although the weather cannot be guaranteed a good selection of over wintering birds can still be found. An added bonus are the new arrivals including the rufous hummingbird, warblers and the various species of swallows, the sure harbingers of warmer weather. We are blessed that three hundred species breed in British Columbia and an additional two hundred and fifty have be recorded. A lifetime could be spent trying to see them all.

Here are a few birds from a recent sortie around Ladner and Langley. 

White-throated sparrow.

Fox Sparrow.
A good place to start birding and bird photography is 

Rufous Hummingbird.
It always helps when you have an experienced photographer to help point out the location of a bird as was the case when Tak pointed out this brilliantly coloured rufous hummingbird.

Wood duck.

Wood duck.


Centennial Beach Tsawwassen
Mountain bluebird.
I heard about this mountain bluebird on the https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/
 When I arrived at Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen it was pouring with rain and for once I was quite unprepared. I had to hide my lens and camera under my coat. There was already a couple of photographers on the scene so I crouched down and waited until the bird made its way closer to my hide-out, eventually the bird popped up in front of me. The rain had stopped and it was time to head home to babysit the grandchildren for the evening.

Mountain bluebird.
As luck would have it and just around the corner from my daughter is a feeder where a small flock of mourning doves can been easily seen. 

Mourning dove (Male)
Occasionally there are also a few band-tailed pigeons although those weren't present this time. I shot these from out the window of the car as I was running late and frankly I was more interesting in adding them to my year list than winning any photo awards.

Mourning dove (Female)

Finally I would like to thank everyone who took time to attended my T.A.L.K. presentation at Kwantlen University Monday. I hope to see you all out in the field. As I mentioned during the talk one of the best ways to learn more about birding is to join your local naturalist's club.
I am a member of the Langley Field Naturalists. We meet the third Thursday of the month at the Langley Music School at 7.30. Arrive at 8 p.m. If you want to avoid the business meeting beforehand.

"It's never too late to start birding"
John Gordon
BC Canada

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