Friday 9 December 2016

Pictures at the Point Taken

Dec 6 2016 Ladner, Boundary Bay.

I hadn't seen an American tree sparrow for close on a year. So with hopes high I headed out in search of one to add to my year list. I've begun to really like listing, if it were not for ebird I would most probably have lost track of my life list by now. I think it's the best thing since HP Sauce, PVR's and chip butties!

American tree sparrow.

This frame shows the telltale dark spot on the breast and bi-coloured beak.

I spotted this northern shrike feeding on pacific crabapples but before I could get that shot it had hopped onto another branch. I suppose birds will feed on anything when they are hungry.

Short-eared owls battle it out in the sky or are they performing avian ballet ?

A short-eared owl glides toward me as I hide in the bushes.

A backlit shot short-eared owl and a dry patch of foreshore with a plentiful supply of yarrow plant seeds, the preferred habitat for voles. 

All images taken handheld with a D500 and Nikon 200m-500mm F5.6

I totally messed up this shot by using a too slow a shutter speed. I had put my camera away when this gyr flew around from the back of a cedar tree and chased away a red-tailed hawk. I include it here as I may not ever see it again.

While I spent two hours photographing birds and enjoying the fresh air my other half spent her time devoting herself to the fine art of "retail therapy" in close-by Ladner. I really could have done with another hour or so, two hours just wasn't enough time, despite that I am very happy with the resulting images.
Anyway, we both got out of the house for a few hours and if that keeps the peace so be it. 
I had some lasting memories which I shared here and she some good finds. The awesome snow suit she found for me at the hospital thrift shop for $10 will be put to good use when I go golden eagle birding at windswept Nikon Slough tomorrow.

"It's never too late to start birding"
John Gordon
BC Canada

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  1. Lovely job on those tree sparrows! Glad you saw the Gyr many have dipped on him.