Wednesday 15 June 2016

Glen Valley Lazuli Bunting

June 15/16 Glen Valley BC Clouds/Rain Showers and Sun
Following the Glen Valley bird count last weekend when 53 species were noted I decided to re-visit Lefeuvre Rd to see if there were more than the one lazuli bunting. Sure enough at the bottom of the hill just where the road flattens out is a patch farmland that has been left to grow wild. Two birds. were feeding among the  blackberries and wild grasses, a favourite food for the lazuli. Along with the bunting were a pair of nesting common yellowthroat.

Lazuli Bunting

"It's never too late to start birding"
John Gordon
BC Canada


  1. Thanks, they are incredibly beautiful and who but birders ever notice them.
    Enjoy your summer birding.

  2. I checked out the same area a few days after the reported bird count and I could hear the Lazuli Bunting but I could not get my eyes on it. This spring I saw two of them several times on the far eastern end of North Parallel Rd in Abbotsford, Several at Island 22 in Chilliwack, a short distance from the eastern end of the Matsqui trail in Abbotsford I saw one. And one evening sitting at home I could hear one singing in the trees across the street. Yet I never saw any when I visited Merritt or Princeton. Right time, right place as they say.