Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Further Adventures Canon SX50HS Brydon Lagoon

Brydon Lagoon Wednesday Mar 19 2014

Brydon Lagoon
The Canon SX50 HS super zoom is perfect for scenics having a 24mm wide angle lens

Bushtit (Psaltriparus minimus)
Even though the camera is quite good for taking long distance shots of birds (below) it can also capture close-ups like the Bushtit seen here. Although the ratio of decent shots is lower than a proper DSLR set-up the whole purpose for me is to be able to go for a power walk with just the SX50HS and a pair of binoculars. All these shots were taken while I sat on a park bench and listened to the birds singing. Slowly the more timid birds like the Canvasback below drifted in closer to me. Both shots below was taken with the zoom at 1200mm. The Bushtit at about 20 feet and the Canvasback at approximately 100 feet.

Female Canvasback (Aythya valisineria)

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs to get the best out of the CanonSX50HS for birding set the camera to Scene Mode and choose the High Speed Burst HQ. It can be accessed through the Function Set button. It shoots 10 frames a second at Full Res, don't ask me how it works but it does. The Bushtit above is one of five shots I had to choose from, the other four frames had no birds at all. Anyway, readers have told me that they have bought the camera and enjoy it immensely.

Good Birding 
John Gordon 


  1. Just saw a green heron there today

  2. Hu Mellie,
    Thanks, I originally saw it Wednesday but wasn't sure what it was as the light was failing. I spotted it again Saturday morning. Very shy with all the foot traffic. I snapped a quick pic which I might post later. I checked out the hummers at Richmond as well as the orange tinged House Finches. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. You are welcome :) So glad you saw him. I caught a yellow rumped warbler at the feeder at the nature park never seen one there before.

    Looking forward to what you post next.