Thursday 2 January 2014

A Tagged Whimbrel EH!

Jan 2 2013 Tagged Whimbrel.

Below is a message that popped up on my Flickr account this morning shedding light on a tagged Whimbrel I had photographed in Churchill, Manitoba in early June 2013.
I was in Churchill for avian migration and no, there weren't any Polar bears. I had sent the information in months ago and had a quick response but today more information arrived to shed some light on the bird in question. 
I had been photographing some Stilt Sandpiper when I spotted this bird. It was a long distance shot and I didn't notice the tag at first. 
What I love is the EH tag. Many Canadians, even myself a transplanted Brit include at the end of our sentences.  As in beautiful plumage, eh!

Below is the message:
"Hi John, 
We first tagged this guy on June 21, 2011, at his nest near Launch Rd at Camp Nanuq. I assume that's where this was taken? He was there this summer again, too! Thanks for getting a shot of him, and on an early date. We just got back our first set of geolocators from the Churchill Whimbrel, and in 2013, they all arrived on the breeding grounds between May 26 and 29. He probably spends his winters in ParĂ¡, Brazil."

Andy Johnson

 Whimbrel EH!

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