Tuesday 11 June 2013

Ontario 2113 Roadtrip Summary

May 17-24 Ontario Roadrip
How can I sum up the Ontario portion of my 2103 roadtrip? Nothing could have prepared me for the variety of birds I encountered in Southwestern Ontario. There were a few familiar birds but most were newbies to me. Keep in mind that I had only birded in Western Canada and the U.K and I had never seen a Northern Cardinal or Bluejay!
Just for the record, I keep a diary of the birds with locations and dates and can now add fifty-two 'Lifers" to it.
Keeping records is the best way to re-locate species at a later date and keep a tally of the birds. Each new bird gives me the opportunity to study a particular species in more deail, its habits etc leading me to a greater understanding of birding and whole scheme of things.
So that's the end of this portion of the trip before continuing my journey by train to Churchill, Manitoba.
Why Churchill? A 60th birthday present from my son Christopher...thanks Chris. That will be my next post.

Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) at Rondeau Provincial Park.
I can't leave without thanking my host family Peter and Erika Braithwaite and their daughter Kait who hosted me while in Essex County. They are a wonderful family and for those who are making their way to Pelee Island they can contact me for more information about their wonderful cottage.

I photographed this Dunlin (Calidris alpina) at the Leamington Ferry Terminal whil waiting for the ferry to Pelee Island.
Good Birding

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